Friday, December 2, 2022
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The Reason Tom Brady Came Out of Retirement and Returned to the Buccaneers

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It is no secret to anyone that the days of Tom Brady’s NFL career are numbered, since the GOAT of the gridirons is already a veteran and no one beats him over time. He already threatened to retire in 2022, in fact, he did .

He retired and the Buccaneers didn’t know what to do with his future, but in Tom Brady ‘s goodbye letter, he was more than happy to have been not only in Tampa Bay, but in Miami in general. Buuuut, a few weeks later he backed off.

After a visit to Cristiano Ronaldo in England, Tom Brady once again surprised the world with his return to the Buccaneers and wanted to fulfill the two years he had signed with the Tampa Bay franchise. At least we will see one more year of GOAT.

The Buccaneers can dream of one more season in the playoffs, that’s the Tom Brady factor, but there are reports that the Tampa Bay franchise was almost second-table for the best QB in NFL history.

As you read it, well, according to some reports, Tom Brady knew that he would continue his career in the NFL by 2022 , but in his plans he had in mind another team that was not the Buccaneers, but since it could not happen, returned to Tampa Bay.

Tom Brady had in mind to play with the Dolphins

There were many rumors after Tom Brady’s retirement, but they all indicated that he would return. There was talk of a return with the Patriots, with the 49ers and even with the Dolphins. But in the mind of the GOAT he wanted it to be Miami, as long as he met one condition .

According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio , Tom Brady came close to being the Dolphins’ QB in the NFL offseason and would sign with Miami (in addition to the GOAT’s liking for the city) if he became a minority owner. of the franchise.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, no deal was reached due to the Brian Flores issue against Miami and the whole thing fell apart. Finally, Tom Brady returned to the Bucs, Tua Tagovailoa will be the Dolphins QB and the story ends there.


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