Saturday, December 3, 2022
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The rainbow chase in Qatar 2022 exceeds the obsessive

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Both FIFA and Qatar took pains in the months leading up to the World Cup to explain that rainbow flags in support of the LGTBI community would not be banned during the tournament despite the fact that homosexuality is illegal in the Arab country. However, if they aren’t, it looks like it. Or, at least, the organizers are determined that they do not appear anywhere.

The seven teams whose captains were to wear the One Love campaign bracelets in defense of sexual diversity and freedom issued a joint statement announcing that they would finally not do so after being informed by FIFA that the players wearing it would receive yellow card.

England were the first of those teams to make their debut and, instead of the rainbow armband, their captain Harry Kane wore another calling for an end to discrimination in the match against Iran.

Precisely on the same day as England’s debut, there were other events in the duel between the United States and Wales that show that the pursuit of the rainbow in Qatar 2022 exceeds the obsessive.

American journalist Grant Wahl denounces that the security officers at Al Rayyan Stadium did not allow him access to the field because he was wearing a shirt with a soccer ball surrounded by the rainbow flag in support of the LTBI community.

“You have to change your shirt. It is not allowed, ”says the journalist on Twitter that a security guard told him. In this same social network, Whal later recounted that he was held for almost half an hour.

“I’m fine, but it was an unnecessary test. I’m in the media center, still in my t-shirt. I was detained for almost half an hour. Come on gays,” he wrote.

In an article that he published on his website, he also revealed that a security official came to “forcibly snatch the phone out of his hands”, while another explained that his shirt had a “political message”. ” and that is why it was not allowed. Later, a manager arrived who apologized to him and let him go. He also apologized to a FIFA official.

That same meeting was attended by several Welsh fans wearing hats with the rainbow flag and curiously, only women were removed when entering the stadium.

This was reported by one of the followers, Laura McAllister, who is also the former captain of the Welsh women’s team. The images of the moment in which she took off her hat were broadcast by the British network ITV.

McAllister herself explained her experience to the same network. “I pointed out that FIFA had made a lot of comments about supporting LGBTI rights at this tournament and told them that we came from a nation where we are passionate about equality for all people,” she said. “They insisted that unless I took off my hat, we were not allowed to enter the stadium.”

These are just a few episodes that show the covert prohibition of FIFA and Qatar to support the LGTBI community.


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