Thursday, December 1, 2022
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The mayor of Pehuajó challenged the neighbors who throw garbage in prohibited places: “They cannot be so gross and ordinary”

Javier Zurro recorded a video, which he spread on his social networks, to ask those who act in this way to respect the rules to have a better city

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The mayor of Pehuajó, Javier Zurro, made the decision to send a harsh message to the neighbors who throw garbage in a municipal deposit where only branches should be left. He treated them as “brutes”, assured that he would sanction them and said: “Enough, they have me rotten again!”.

“The truth is that I am very indignant, I don’t know how to tell you that this is not a landfill but a deposit to throw branches of the municipality. I ask the person in charge to think better the next time before acting, because he is going to be severely punished, so do you want a better Pehuajó?”, Posted the mayor from his Twitter account to introduce the video in which he is seen angry.

“We are in a municipal deposit to throw branches, diagonally and route 226. Do you think it is a dump?”, he says while focusing on the sign prohibiting throwing garbage and a large amount of waste between trunks and branches.

“They can’t be so gross and ordinary, why don’t they put it in a bag and we’ll pick it up on their sidewalk? Why don’t they take it to the dump? ”, She asks looking at the camera.

“Is this how they want a better Pehuajó? Is it because they are so angry with this government that is progressing? They don’t do it to me, huh? They do it to the people of Pehuajó, ”she assured.

Then, to close his message, he pointed out: “They have me recontra re rotten. We are going to find you and we are going to sanction you because there is no other way with you.”


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