Friday, December 2, 2022
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The largest battery recycling plant in Europe is active in Norway

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Battery recycling of electric vehicles (EV) is one of the key points for the electric transition of mobility is sustainable, and a new impetus to it practice can be given from the beginning of the activity in Norway of the largest plant in Europe today.

Hydrovolt, built thanks to the joint venture between Hydroone of the largest companies in aluminum of the worlde Northvoltand battery manufacturer in Sweden and Germany, it is able to recover the 95% of the materials used in an electric vehicle battery, including plastic, copper, aluminum and the so-called “black mass”(photo at the bottom of the article), a powder containing the various elements inside the lithium ion batteries: nickel, manganese, cobalt and lithium.
In addition to that important from an environmental point of view, recycling makes it possible to make up for the supply shortages of these materials, which have recently been a source of concern on the part of producers, especially due to recent international tensions. The company’s goal is that the 50% of all battery raw materials comes from recycled batteries by 2030.

Hydrovolt is able at the moment to elaborate 25,000 EV batteries (12,000 tons) per year, virtually the entire end-of-life battery market Norway, which we recall is one of the countries in the world with the greatest expansion of the EV market. But of course the company plans to expand your business across Europe, with the ambitious goal of achieving 70,000 tons of battery packs for 2025 e 300,000 tons for 2030.


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