Thursday, December 1, 2022
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The IBEX 35 rises 1.41% and is close to 8,200 points, supported by BBVA and IAG

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The main indicator of the Spanish stock market, the IBEX 35, rises 1.41% in the first bars of this Friday and is close to 8,200 points, boosted by BBVA and IAG, which soar after present results.

At 9:15 a.m., the IBEX 35 is trading at 8,198.60 points after adding 113.70 integers, that 1.41%. With this revaluation, the accumulated losses in the year are reduced to 5.91%.

In the week that ends today, the indicator adds 1.81%.

The Spanish Stock Exchange started today from the 8,084.9 points at which it closed the day before, when it fell 0.49%, dragged down by the poor reception that some business results had in the market, including those of Repsol and Santander.

Today is the turn of other heavyweights of the IBEX 35 such as BBVA, which has announced a profit of 3,001 million euros between January and June, 57.1% more, while CaixaBank has reduced it by 62.4%, up to 1,573 million, affected by the accounting effects of the merger with Bankia.

The IBEX 35 and the rest of Europe started the session with gains. With the euro at 1,024 dollars, Paris adds 1.11%; Milan, 0.95%; Frankfurt, 0.51%; and London, 0.16%.

And this, after Wall Street ended yesterday in the green, despite the fact that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States chained a second quarter of contraction, placing the country in a technical recession.

In the day of this Friday, the investors will be pending of more managerial results and of the macroeconomic field, since the preliminary data on the GDP in the second trimester and the inflation in July of the euro zone will be known.

In Spain, it has been known that the economy grew by 1.1% between April and June, driven by the rebound in consumption, while inflation rose again in July to stand at 10.8% in annual rate, with what which has marked its highest level since September 1984.

Within the Spanish market, Fluidra, which has presented accounts, shoots up 9.86%; followed by BBVA, which adds 4.40% also after informing the market of its results.

IAG, which has announced losses of 654 million euros, a third of those registered in the same period of 2021, advances 4.16%.

On the loss side, PharmaMar stands out by dropping 2.36%; and Rovi, 1.81%.

In addition to BBVA, of the rest of the great values, Repsol adds 1.51%; Iberdrola, 1.11%; Inditex, 0.72 5; Telefónica, 0.25%; and Santander, 0.12%.

In the raw materials market, Brent, the benchmark crude oil, appreciated 0.86%, to 102.6 dollars.


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