Thursday, December 1, 2022
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The Government will ask to lower the heating, use the car less or drive at a lower speed to save energy next winter

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  • It will make recommendations to reduce consumption that will be mandatory in public offices.
  • Ribera says that he is still working with the Commission to limit the price of gas, although he does not rule out that it could be tomorrow.
  • The Government sends with a week of delay the document that Brussels demanded to be able to authorize the limit of the price of the gas.

Like the rest of the EU countries, Spain is preparing for an upcoming winter in which, either because Russia cuts off the supply of gas to more Member States or because the Twenty-seven definitively stop buying it from Moscow, it is already expected that there will be a shortage of Energy. In this scenario, the government is working on a plan to reduce consumption that will begin with an obligation in the General State Administration and that will be transferred, in the form of recommendations, to citizens, so that they lower the heating, avoid taking the car, share it or take public transport or drive at a slower speed.

The third vice-president and minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, has detailed this Monday some of the measures of this savings plan “to reduce consumption”, which will begin this summer, by using the car less and will move to winter, where less energy should be used for heating in particular. This has been indicated in an interview on TVE, in which it has not yet been able to confirm that the Government is already in a position to approve this Tuesday the decree to limit the price of gas to a maximum of 50 euros per MWh over the next anus. According to what she has said, she is currently working with Portugal and with the Commission on “technical” issues.

“As soon as possible, if we arrive tomorrow, tomorrow and, if not, immediately after, as soon as we have all the technical elements and the Commission authorizes it,” said Ribera about a procedure that has already taken almost a month and a half since that the EU recognized the “Iberian exceptionality” in the European Council at the end of March.


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