Monday, December 5, 2022
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The end of crypto mining? GPU distribution drops to 2009 levels

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The video game industry and related sectors recorded very good numbers during the pandemic, but these should not be taken as a parameter since it was something that went out of the norm due to the confinement and the special conditions that benefited its market. This period coincided with the rise of cryptocurrencies and in the field of GPUs the craze for crypto mining was unleashed leading to hoarding, reselling and scarcity. Now that it’s back to normal, the figures reflect it and this is what happened recently with graphics cards.

GPU distribution drops but you don’t have to turn on the alarms

According to information from the firm Jon Peddie Research (via VGC and Tom’s Hardware), the results revealed by the GPU sector for the third quarter of the year confirm a drop in global distribution. The first data to take into account is a decrease of 19% when comparing the 75.5 million total units that exist so far with last year’s figures. Regarding the performance in the indicated period, a fall of 25.1% is registered, a figure that has not been registered since the recession of 2009.

AMD and Nvidia down, Intel up

On the other hand, the firm points out that AMD’s market share during the quarter decreased by 8.5% while Nvidia’s fell 1.87%, however Intel’s integrated graphics offer increased 10.3%.

What caused these numbers? According to the firm: “crypto mining shutdown, headwinds from China’s zero tolerance rules and ongoing shutdowns, US sanctions, pre-buy user situation during Covid.”

Despite this, the numbers are not to be alarmed as they only reflect the return to normality of the GPU business after the pandemic and the trend is expected to increase in the coming periods and years with an estimated 3,138 million graphics cards. distributed by 2026.


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