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The daughter of Karina and the Pole celebrated her 15: her mini show dressed as an angel and the funny fall of Barby Silenzi

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The night came that Sol, the daughter of Karina La Princesita and El Polaco, had been waiting for a long time. This Saturday, the teenager enjoyed her long-awaited party of 15 surrounded by family, friends and even her boyfriend, Tomás, who, how could it be otherwise, was present at the Vonharv Hall in the town of Gonnet, in La Plata.

The former couple posed for the cameras with the great hostess of the night and the moment was recorded by the attendees, who immediately began to spread the images of the exclusive event through social networks.

The improvised paparazzi were able to capture the friendly relationship that Karina and El Polaco maintained from the beginning to the end of the celebration, always concerned about accompanying their little girl in each of the moments of the party. In fact, the singers used the same elevator to go down to the floor where the event took place, as could be seen in a series of photos that went viral on Twitter.

In the images, you can also see how Karina helps her ex with the tuxedo. “Karina and El Polaco went down to Sol’s party together,” said the user who shared the images. She fixing his tuxedo in the elevator”, she added. While the singer wore a pink dress, the former vocalist of the cumbia group Una de Kal chose light blue, perhaps to be in tune with her daughter.

One of the most emotional moments of the night was, without a doubt, Sol’s moving interpretation of “Carne y bone”, the song by one of her favorite artists, Tini. “But I am only flesh and blood. And I still love you to the bone. And I’m dying, I’m dying for a kiss”, sings the teenager with angel wings on her back and accompanied by a piano.

Sol Cwirkaluk had already been encouraged to sing, when she was just twelve years old, on Susana Giménez ‘s program. On that occasion, she had chosen another of her favorite hits, “When I see you”, by Nicki Nicole from Rosario. In the jury of that program was, precisely, Tini Stoessel, who praised the wardrobe of the daughter of Karina and El Polaco, and told her: ” Besides, she came with a very incredible look, I love it, you are divine, you have a very Personally, I like it a lot.”

Among the 150 guests who attended the 15th birthday, was alsobarby silenzi, who recently confirmed her reconciliation with Sol’s father. The dancer starred in a fun blooper in the middle of the party, although she managed to get out of the situation.

Silenzi climbed onto a 360° photo platform that was installed in one of the corners of the room, but when she wanted to get off his cue she played tricks on him and was close to crashing to the ground, with a glass and all. However, she had the reflexes and skill to rejoin gracefully.

Tomás, Sol’s boyfriend, also gave the note with a very tender gift that surprised the birthday girl, as well as her parents. The teenager showed up with a giant teddy bear and left everyone with their mouths open.

“ Tomás, Sol’s boyfriend, gave her a very special gift. She left the quinceañera alreadyKarina very surprised”, indicated the user and shared the captures.


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