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The characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 are filtered

The first details of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 come to light, which would come with a larger screen than the current model and would include some long-awaited features.

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When talking about smart bracelets, it is impossible to ignore the Mi Band line. Although their models are not perfect, they have proven to be very capable, and they also have a tremendously attractive price. Therefore, it is not surprising that we are already finding the first details of the next generation of this device: the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 .

In recent days, some of the alleged technical characteristics of the new Chinese brand smartband have been leaked . As has happened in the past, the information was disclosed by Magical Unicorn , through Logger . According to the leaker , data related to the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 was found in the Zepp app code.

One of the first points to note is that the device would come with a slightly larger screen than the current model . It is mentioned that the resolution would be 192 x 490 pixels, against the 152 x 486 of the Mi Band 6. If this is confirmed, we would see in the new generation a much wider panel but hardly higher.

If Xiaomi really bets on this change in the size of the display , it would not be as drastic as the one we saw in the jump from the Mi Band 5 to the current model; remember that the first had a 1.1-inch screen, while the Mi Band 6 was 1.56”.

Of course, the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 would incorporate customizable spheres, maintaining the digital and analog designs that we already saw in previous versions. In this there would be no great changes; As has happened in the last generations of the smartband , you could choose what information to accompany the watch (heart rate, steps, calories, weather, battery, etc.).

However, the big news would be the incorporation of watchfaces with support for Always On Display . Clearly, this could mean that the expected compatibility with said technology – which allows you to see the time and notifications without having to “wake up” the device completely – would be seen in this new generation.

Will the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 finally include GPS?

The promise of equipping the models of the Mi Band line with a GPS chip has existed for a long time, but so far it has not been fulfilled. And the information now available about Xiaomi’s next gadget shines a new light of hope that it will finally happen. Still, you have to take it with a grain of salt. If we are guided by the leaked data, everything suggests that the Mi Band 7 would indeed have integrated GPS ; but, as we already mentioned, the same thing was said about the Mi Band 6 last year and in the end it wasn’t.

Assuming that the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 will arrive with a larger screen and GPS, autonomy would be a key point to pay attention to. For this reason, the manufacturers of the smart bracelet would include new energy saving modes that would limit its functions to the minimum and essential. Thus, it is mentioned that when they are active, only the steps and basic information when sleeping would be recorded.

Although it is not mentioned what could be the battery life that Xiaomi would have set as a goal for the Mi Band 7, it would not be unusual for it to point to a similar result to that obtained with the Mi Band 6. The current model promises around 14 days of autonomy , which at the time was a significant cut compared to what was offered in the previous generation (the charge lasted between 19 and 20 days in the Mi Band 5). Therein would lie the importance of the new modes that would make the most of energy management.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that among the resources linked to the Xiaomi Mi Band 7, the inclusion of more than 300 emoticons is mentioned, as well as more than 120 notification icons. Two themes for the icons of sports activities would also be included, and the smartband would no longer be compatible only with the Mi Fit app, but also with the Zeppo app.



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