Thursday, December 1, 2022
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The biggest defaulters of the Valencian Treasury: bankrupt firms, a football coach and a town hall

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The Valencian Tax Agency has published for the first time the list of defaulters from the regional Public Treasury that exceed 600,000 euros, including both debts and penalties. The list includes 15 debtors, of which 4 are companies, there is a town hall and a dozen individuals, among which the soccer coach Juande Ramos and the former mayor of Castell de Castells, Rosa Pérez Gadea, stand out.

The publication of the list was a measure agreed upon by the members of the Botànic to combat tax fraud, in the image of that carried out by the State Tax Agency, although it must be taken into account that, since it deals with the management of taxes of regional competence, logically the debtors and the amounts are much lower.

The largest debtor with about 3.3 million euros is the Alicante company Aguas Potables de Bernia. As it could not be less, two real estate agents appear on the list, Monte Pego (the second by amount with 2.68 million euros) and Puerta del Cairo (with 756,708). The list of companies is completed by a company that was bankrupt decades ago, the Río Verde Cartón from Alciras (with 745,543 euros).

Public delinquent

Undoubtedly one of the most striking defaulters is the presence of a public administration, the City Council of San Antonio de Benagéber, which owes the regional Treasury 732,507 euros.

The list includes former soccer player and former coach Juan de la Cruz Ramos Cano, known as Juande Ramos, with 792,000 euros, and the former “popular” mayor of the Alicante town of Castell de Castells Rosa Pérez Gadea, with around 729,000.

The list of individuals includes Ignacio José Montoya Díaz (with 1,809,483 euros); Ángeles Tomás Rodríguez (722,452 euros); Antonio Pérez Gadea (751,924 euros); Juan Vicente Almela Montoliu (617,209 euros); María Antonia Núñez González-Clara (619,173 euros); Ana María Díaz-Bejumea Nieto (670,092 euros); and Cristian Esteller Blanco (967,626 euros).


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