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The 10 most common questions during the interview to apply for the American VISA

These are the ten most common questions that can be asked during your interview to obtain the American VISA, which will determine if your document to travel to the United States is approved or rejected

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We know very well that traveling is one of your passions and getting to know all or most of the countries in the world, one of your dreams or goals to achieve, the main reason why you get up to work and meet your challenges, because this traveling passion It is the one that moves you and helps you think about the goal of traveling the world and discovering all the beauties that make up each nation, a dream that many of us pursue and that for some, is already a reality, because they have worked hard to  reach the places they imagined when they were little , based on effort and dedication, an example to follow for many of us, who want to live extraordinary adventures, out of our comfort zone , meeting new people and trying new flavors, new cultures and learning different languages.

Each nation is surprising and that is why traveling the world has become one of the goals of many people , however, we must bear in mind that in order to make this dream come true , we must do some paperwork and meet certain requirements that are It requires us as Mexican citizens, to be able to enter through the borders of some nations. One of the most demanding territories in terms of border crossing is the United States , because to be able to access as a visitor you must have a tourist VISA , a document that you can process through the internet and that you can obtain by passing some filters, such as the interview at the embassy,reasons why we will tell you what are the 10 most common questions that can be asked during the interview, so that you are not so nervous during this process.

What questions can you ask me in my interview for the American VISA?

The American VISA is an essential document that you must have, if you want to cross the borders with the United States and to process it, it is necessary to meet some requirements that will help you be successful during your interview and prepare for your document to be approved and to be able to enjoy all the attractions that are within the territory of the neighbor to the north. So that you go a little calmer and do not feel so uncomfortable during the personal interview at the embassy , ​​we will tell you what are the ten most frequent questions that can be asked during this process , in order to get you psyched up and ready forapprove your VISA and travel to the destination that you like the most in the US.

1. Where in the United States will you travel?

This question is the most common of all, because when you fill out your application, they clearly ask you to indicate the place and an address where you are going to arrive on your first trip to the United States, so the consul who interviews you will base completely on this form, to conduct the interview.

2. What is the reason you are traveling?

This question is focused on the reasons why you go to the interview and your answer will depend on the type of document you are requesting, since you can travel for tourism, to vacation somewhere in that nation.

3. How long do you plan to stay in the United States?

It is a question in which you must indicate the time you wish to stay in the United States, indicated in the VISA application through the internet, where you are asked for how many days you will be in this nation and on what dates you plan to return to your country. country of origin, but remember that it is not necessary to have reservations or buy a flight before having this document approved.

4. Who are you traveling with?

If we go on vacation, it is very common that we go accompanied by our partner or a relative, so you must indicate the name of the person or persons with whom you plan to visit the United States and you may even have to write down the relationship with each of them, at the time of filling out your application.

5. Who will pay the expenses of your trip?

If you have sufficient financial resources or you are an independent person who can already afford the expenses of your trip, this question will not be a problem, but if you still depend on your parents or someone else, you should not be afraid to answer honestly and answer that someone else will be in charge of paying for your expenses on this trip.

6. Where do you work and what activities do you carry out?

This is a very frequent question in the interviews to obtain the American VISA, because if you are an independent adult, you must prove that you have strong ties with Mexico, a stable life and enough income to be able to cover the costs of your trip and have a job. stable in your country of residence, it may be a good reason to have this document approved.

7. Where will you stay?

It is a bit complicated to make plans without being sure that we are going to obtain the approval of our VISA, but it is advisable to try to find information about the lodging options that are near or in the surroundings of the destination to which you are going to travel, which you have placed on the application via the internet.

8. Have you traveled to the United States before?

Many people attend an interview to renew their document and it is important to give true information about the times you have visited this country before, because the embassy has a complete record of the times you have entered or left this country. country.

9. Do you have family in the United States?

This question is very important for the interviewee, since it defines, in some cases, the entire course of the interview, because if you have relatives in the United States, the immigration status of these people may or may not benefit you , to obtain the document, depending on the history of each one of them, because if they emigrated without documents, it is better that you do not say it.

10. When do you plan to enter and leave the United States?

This question is basic and fundamental because as a tourist, you cannot stay for a long time in the United States territory and it is important to indicate the specific dates of entry and exit, so that the authorities see that you are only going as a visitor and you will return to your country. within the scheduled dates.


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