Friday, December 2, 2022
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Thailand on high alert after Israeli warning about possible Iranian spies

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The Thai Police are on high alert after the Israeli warning of the potential presence of Iranian spies in the Asian country.

Local Thai press reports, picked up by the Israeli press, indicate that Thai police are searching for Iranian citizens after a warning from Israel that Tehran might seek revenge on Israelis in that country.

According to the Bankok Post, police and other security agencies are monitoring a number of Iranian citizens who are believed to be operating as spies in Thailand. The country is a popular destination for Israelis, especially young men recently discharged from the Army.
Last week Israel issued a rare order to Israelis traveling in Turkey warning them that they could be targeted by Iranian operatives seeking revenge for the death of a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps officer.

On other occasions, Iran has attacked or attempted to attack Israelis outside their country. The assassinated Colonel Hasan Sayyad Khodai allegedly helped plan such attacks against Jews and Israelis around the world.
Israel has not officially commented on that killing, but has raised the alert level at its consulates and embassies around the world, fearing reprisals.


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