Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Texas Attorney General Ken Patxon Fled Home to Avoid Subpoena in Abortion Access Case, Reports Say

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The process server identified as Ernesto Herrera said in an affidavit that Paxton tried to avoid him for more than an hour from outside his home. He then ran into his wife’s truck and fled their residence.

Texas Attorney General Ken Patxon, a Republican, fled his home and got into a van driven by his wife, Sen. Angela Patxon, to avoid a subpoena to testify Tuesday in an abortion access case, court documents show.

The process server identified as Ernesto Martin Herrera stated in an affidavit that the official tried to avoid him for more than an hour from outside his house, then ran towards the truck of his wife, a state senator, and they left.

When asked, Patxon argued that he avoided the server due to security concerns and criticized the media for reporting the incident.

“It is clear that the media wants to generate another controversy about my work as attorney general, so they attack me for having the audacity to prevent a stranger from staying outside my home and showing concern for the safety and well-being of my family. ”, Paxton said on his Twitter account without specifying if he would go to the hearing in a lawsuit by nonprofit groups that want to help Texans pay for out-of-state abortions.

Herrera noted in the affidavit that he arrived at Paxton’s Dallas home Monday morning and knocked on the front door, which had a window. At first he saw Paxton approaching the door, but then he turned around.

Patxon’s wife answered the door and indicated to the server that her husband was on the phone. More than an hour later, the prosecutor left the garage, but then turned and ran inside when Herrera came up the driveway and called his name. Minutes later, Angela Paxton got out, opened the rear driver’s side door of a pickup truck, got into the seat and started the vehicle, according to a court document first reported by The Texas Tribune.

“A few minutes later I saw Mr. Paxton from the door inside the garage to the back door behind the driver’s side,” Herreta said, noting that Paxton ignored calls from him that he was there to serve legal papers on the attorney general. The server said he left the summons on the ground next to the truck, but the couple left without taking it.

Paxton faced state securities fraud charges in 2015 but has yet to stand trial amid delays over where the felony case should be heard and the payment of special prosecutors.

The FBI is investigating the prosecutor due to allegations of corruption that eight of his deputies made to him two years ago. Paxton was also sued by the Texas bar association for allegedly misleading the Supreme Court in his lawsuit challenging President Biden’s victory in the 2020 election.


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