Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Tesla fired one of its employees for having tested, filmed and reviewed Autopilot on its YouTube channel

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Shares Autopilot errors on YouTube, Tesla licenses an employee

Tesla fired one of its employees for having tested, filmed and reviewed Autopilot on its YouTube channel. The video also showed, among other things, all the shortcomings of the semi-autonomous driving system. For example, in one of the clips the Tesla car collides by itself against a post (a traffic bollard).

To be precise, we are talking about FSD, acronym for Full-Self Driving , the package that offers the greatest number of semi-autonomous driving features of Tesla and which is still in Beta (and therefore limited to a small number of customers).

Despite the premise – namely that it is a still immature service and not available to everyone -, the company did not however like the indiscretion of John Bernal, youtuber and former Tesla employee. The video in question was uploaded to the “AI Addict” YouTube channel , which deals precisely with investigating the topic of artificial intelligence and machine learning, especially if at the service of the automotive technologies of the future.

The video of the incident was uploaded in March 2021 and had amassed over 250,000 views. The company justified the dismissal by explaining that sharing the video represents a violation of the contractual terms, and also added that having a YouTube channel that, among other things, also talks about Tesla is a clear “conflict of interest”.


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