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Multicloud Governance: Why Choose WESTPOLE Flexible Solutions

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The data is clear: 89% of companies that have chosen the cloud have decided to focus on multicloud . A decision that has proved to be effective in most cases, but which has confronted organizations with the problem of multicloud governance. This is what the Flexera 1 State of the cloud 2022 survey reports , where it clearly emerges that the cloud is no longer a trend but a solid reality. So, after an initial approach in many cases perhaps a little too hasty, it’s time to do some clarity and understand how to best manage the potential of the cloud to obtain real benefits. And in this the help of a partner like WESTPOLE is essential.

A mature choice

The multicloud presupposes a reorganization of the components of the information systems of a company within different platforms and different environments and, therefore, also of different providers. By policy, interest or opportunity, an organization may decide not to use only a single service provider and therefore choose to “differentiate” the cloudson which to support its information systems. This is because the environment of a hyperscaler rather than that of a private cloud has characteristics that make one ideal for a certain workload and the other for the rest of your technological infrastructure (with consequent improvement in general performance). Similarly, the infrastructural part of a cloud can be exploited, the PaaS (Platform as a Service) part of another and the SaaS (Software as a Service) part of another.

This choice represents the achievement of a maturity in terms of knowledge and organization of its information systems, but it is something that a company is hardly able to do in total autonomy. The cloud is in fact complex and to obtain the expected results you need to know it well otherwise you risk making missteps. And remedying may not be easy.

Multicloud governance: a path based on skills

Thanks to its architectural, managerial and systems knowledge, WESTPOLE takes care of preparing a path together with the company which, starting from an on-premises information system, manages to make the most of the opportunities offered by a multicloud environment. At the base of this path there are skills that are certainly not present within the client company and usually not even at different service providers. These are differentiated skills that go beyond specific environments and that allow you to completely redesign an infrastructure, a complete project for the customer and then accompany him on the migration path.

The transition to the cloud cannot in fact be a pure and simple shift and lift from an on-premises environment, but rather a progressive transition to seize all the opportunities that the cloud, in its overall essence, actually makes available today , including the economic aspects. . Today multicloud governance offers the possibility to “move” part of the infrastructure, part of the platform and part of the applications from one cloud environment to another according to the needs and economic possibilities of the moment.

The flexibility of WESTPOLE solutions

In addition to its expertise, WESTPOLE also makes Cloud Platform Management available to companies: an orchestration system for multicloud governance that allows you to have a view of your environments, applications, workloads, consumption, the actual infrastructure in use rather than all the resources made available or their management. Therefore, WESTPOLE goes beyond the “classic” role of the service provider who autonomously maintains the management of the environment (infrastructure, platforms and applications) on the cloud, instead accompanying the company on a path of renewal in the context of daily management of the cloud. The customer thus has a direct representation from his workstations which allows him to maintain multicloud governance, an overview of all managed environments, and to discuss – even on a daily basis – with the service provider to intervene, to correct, to integrate or to lighten. This is part of the flexibility that WESTPOLE makes available to the company in the overall configuration of cloud environments.

An increasingly multicloud future

As mentioned, the cloud is complex. The fact that it is an ever-changing world also contributes to this. In fact, hyperscalers constantly integrate and populate their offers to make them more and more comprehensive and complete. The goal is to satisfy all customer needs. And also try to anticipate them, if possible. This leads to more differentiation of the proposals and to make the use of multicloud even more effective. However, choosing isn’t easy.

The trend in the direction of “sector clouds”, or vertical clouds that are increasingly specialized and increasingly rich in opportunities , also contributes to pushing even more towards multicloud .

Faced with this evolution, the support that a reality like WESTPOLE can provide, both in terms of choice and multicloud governance, assumes an increasingly fundamental importance to advise the customer on the most appropriate combination between the various public and hybrid offers in continuous transformation.


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