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Kindle and Kindle Kids: how are the new versions of the popular Amazon tablet

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Amazon presented the new versions of its Kindle tablets for both adults and children whose prices will be $99.99 and $119.99 respectively.

Tablets have become one of the most used electronic devices on the market and that is why Amazon decided to renew its equipment catalog with the launch of two new versions of its popular Kindle.

The company indicated that these are the two lightest devices launched on the market by the brand to date, since they are more compact models. The reduction in the volume of Amazon tablets is accompanied by a notable increase in the capacity of the device’s battery.

From now on, users can enjoy up to six weeks of use thanks to its new higher capacity battery. As if this were not enough, the new generation of Amazon equipment also has double the internal memory (16 Gb) so that there is never a lack of space when you want to store a book.

It should be noted that the new Kindle are now available for purchase through the Amazon website.

Here are the details of the new Amazon tablets:

1. Screen

The screen of the new Kindle and Kindle Kids have a size of 6 inches and a resolution of 300 ppi, that is, 3 times more pixels than the previous generation, which allows you to enjoy excellent image quality and text with sharpness. exceptional.

“The dark mode and the adjustable front light provide a comfortable reading experience in all types of conditions, including bright sunlight or even no light,” they indicate from Amazon.

2. Friendly to the environment

In order to be environmentally friendly, the tablets were manufactured using 90% recycled magnesium. In addition to this, the packaging in which the Kindles come is made of 100% recycled material in the United States, which guarantees a lower carbon footprint.

This is possible because it is made with wood fiber from responsibly managed forests or recycled sources.

3. Versions

In the case of the new Kindle, it will be available in a 16 Gb version in black and denim colors, its retail price will be $99.99, while the 16 Gb Kindle Kids version for children will only be available in black at a price of $119.99 dollars.


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