Monday, June 27, 2022
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Fujitsu launches the second generation of Primeflex

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Fujitsu presented the second generation of the Primeflex solution for converged and hyperconverged infrastructures for VMware, Microsoft, Nutanix and SAP environments.

Currently, many DX projects fail to produce the desired results due to incorrect implementation, insufficient build speed, or too many providers (which end up complicating the single solution).

Fujitsu Primeflex’s new offering supports companies and data architects in their DX projectsreducing the risk of failure thanks to end-to-end data-driven services, ready-to-use platforms and all the services necessary for implementation.

Second generation Primeflex reduces the complexity of data-driven transformation projects by adding implementation and support services to the infrastructure as standard. complement to the pre-configured and pre-tested Primeflex main offering.

Having a standardized pricing and ordering model reduces the doubts customers have when it comes to integrating their hybrid cloud platforms. Furthermore, the second generation of Primeflex reduces operational risks, ensures a more resilient infrastructure than do-it-yourself approaches, and improves the experience throughout the lifecycle by extending the life of the IT infrastructure.

To further increase business agility and forecasting ability, Fujitsu also offers pay-as-you-go services through FUJITSU uSCALE, a simple and comprehensive program where customers can use, scale and run Primeflex platforms completely in the form of a service – including ongoing management of results.

The new standardized package is designed for customers who want to avoid all worries that arise in configuringinstall, implement and maintain infrastructure with a do-it-yourself approach.

The solution also eliminates the “ping-pong” between suppliers and customers in defining who is responsible for implementing a support, should it prove necessary.

For customers who have the staff and skills necessary to implement and maintain their data architecture, Fujitsu also offers the new PRIMEFLEX Essentials delivery option. containing the pre-configured and pre-tested core technology stackwithout infrastructure implementation and support services.

“Through the new Fujitsu Primeflex range, a guaranteed price is added to the standardized package for companies that are committed to modernizing their IT infrastructures,” he explains. Olivier Delachapelle, Head of Product Line Management Europe di Fujitsu.

“Ordering infrastructure just got too complicated. Fujitsu is committed to solving the real challenges faced by its customers and understands how they need certainty when it comes to implementation, support – and of course pricing as well – to to be able to complete their digital transformation projects“.

“On the contrary, the current ways of ordering these infrastructures go in just the opposite directionleaving the customer the feeling of ending up in the cloud without being able to exercise any control over costs “.

“The second generation of Primeflex”, continues Delachapelle, “is based on the tranquility that Primeflex already offers, taking it to new levels with standardized implementation and support services that are available with a single order number and price. The result is complete predictability of life cycle costs and no surprises when the cloud bill arrives ”.

The Fujitsu Primeflex range is immediately ready for implementation the moment it is delivered. The design, deployment and lifecycle management of a hybrid data architecture can currently be prone to errors – time-consuming and costly – posing numerous risks for companies.

Unlike Fujitsu, other vendors offer services whose cost is calculated on an individual basis. Such a quote can take days and often contain errors due to the exclusion of essential services, thus leading to an unclear picture in terms of budget.

The new standardized Infrastructure Support Services significantly reduce operational downtime, while the availability of a single point of contact for technical assistance of the Integrated Systems allows quickly and safely access the experts you need.

The second generation Primeflex is available in Europe and Japan. The rollout on the European market started in April 2022. The pay-per-use list is available through Fujitsu uSCALE.


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