Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Apple is going to change the iPhone port: from lightning to USB C

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Apple has succumbed to the proposal of the European Union to unify the connection ports. The chosen port was USB C and one of the few companies to refuse from the beginning was Apple. Now, after the advancement of this proposal, the Cupertino company is making changes and testing things. The iPhone con USB C is a little closer and today we tell you all the details that we already know.

USB C will come to Apple iPhones

According to Bloomberg, Apple is already testing iPhones with USB C internally. The European Union only requires the change in its territory, but Apple would be forced to change it throughout the world so as not to have two options: one with lightning and one with USB C.

Apple’s change will not be instantaneous, since the tests are focused on the year 2023. Despite the demands of the EU, there are some margins of action. In 2022 it is almost confirmed the iPhone 14 con puerto lightning. The change would take place with the iPhone 15 in 2023.

Not only the iPhone will change ports

USB C will come to Apple iPhones

Apple has a fairly large ecosystem of devices and accessories that use port lightning. These should also make the switch when the iPhone does. This means that products such as AirPods or the MagSafe battery they will also receive an update to charge via USB C.

Everything points to the year 2023 will be in charge of getting rid of the lightning port forever. Apple computers and iPads have already made the jump, so the iPhone is Apple’s latest excuse to keep the lightning port.

What do you think about the cambio del iPhone a USB C and the death of lightning?


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