Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Taliban condemn drone strike in Kabul that killed al Qaeda leader

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The Taliban government condemned on Tuesday the attack with an American drone in Kabul that during this weekend killed the leader of Al Qaeda, Ayman al Zawahir, although they did not refer at any time to the prominent jihadist , and stated that it was a violation of the Doha agreement with the United States.

The Taliban government “strongly condemns this attack, which occurred for whatever reason, and considers it a clear violation of international law and the Doha agreement,” the main Islamist spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, said in a statement.

These attacks “repeat the failed experience of the last 20 years and go against the interests of the United States, Afghanistan and the region. Repeating such actions will damage potential opportunities” to stabilize the region, the spokesman noted.

The Doha agreement signed in February 2020 between the United States and the Taliban agreed to the complete withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan after two decades of conflict, which ended a year ago after the capture of Kabul by the Islamists.

However, the departure of the US was made under the condition, among other things, of preventing Afghanistan from becoming a sanctuary for terrorists again, as happened during its previous regime between 1996 and 2001, marked by support for Osama bin Laden and the attacks of 9/11, something the Taliban apparently failed to do.

But the Islamists avoided referring to the target of the attack, which, as announced hours earlier by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, was Al Zawahiri, Bin Laden’s successor at the head of Al Qaeda after his death in 2011 in a US operation in Pakistan. .

The attack occurred on Sunday morning in a residential area of ​​Kabul, and initially the spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of the Interior, Abdul Nafi Tekor, had assured Efe that there were no casualties and he did not know the origin of the bombardment.

Only this Tuesday Mujahid revealed that, after an investigation by the Taliban intelligence services, it was confirmed that it was a bombing by a US drone.

According to the White House, Al Zawahiri was killed when he was on the balcony of the residence where he was staying and a drone fired two Hellfire missiles at him. Only the Al Qaeda leader was killed in the operation, and there was no collateral damage.

The Al Qaeda leader moved to the Afghan capital with his family earlier this year from Pakistan and, according to the US, the septuagenarian still constituted a threat to the citizens, interests and national security of the United States, so with his death “justice has been done”.


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