Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Taiwan: Japan concerned about growing pressure from China

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Japan is alarmed in its latest “white paper” on defense published this Friday of the new threats posed by Russia and is worried about the growing pressure exerted by China on Taiwan.

The annual report of the Japanese Ministry of Defense devotes an entire chapter to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, considering that it risks sending the message that “an attempt to unilaterally change the status quo by force is acceptable”.

Russia could also find itself weakened by this conflict, which could push it to “further strengthen its relations with China”, still worries the Japanese Ministry of Defense.

Moscow may increasingly resort to nuclear deterrence

His white paper, which reviews global geopolitical risks as well as specific threats to Japan, also points out that Moscow could increasingly resort to nuclear deterrence, which could generate an increase in its activity around Japan, where Russian nuclear submarines regularly circulate.

Japan has joined Western sanctions against Russia and has since seen the Russian military presence intensify near its territory. In May, Russian and Chinese bombers notably flew together near the archipelago.

The 2022 white paper also dwells at length on Taiwan, noting that “since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Taiwan has sought to further strengthen its self-defense efforts” in the face of the threat Beijing poses to its territory.

Japan, which is also worried about China and North Korea for its own security, should itself significantly boost its defense budget. This has been climbing steadily for years, but Japan continues to have the lowest military spending among the G7 countries relative to their respective GDPs.


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