Sunday, August 7, 2022
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The scam with the 8M that will come to you by WhatsApp

The Internet user security office (OSI) is warning about the scam with the 8M that will reach you by WhatsApp . The celebration of International Women's Day or 8M has caused criminals to try to deceive users through the WhatsApp application. The whole ruse starts...

How to Improve the Quality of the Photos You Send by WhatsApp

Thanks to messaging applications it is very easy to send data to other users. The type of file does not matter, but it is true that multimedia is the most shared. However, the result issued may not correspond to the one...

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Serena Williams calls on women to invest in startups and puts Brazil on the radar

Tennis player Serena Williams, 40, arrived in São Paulo this week to share with the Expert XP audience the...