Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Suzuki presents the GSX-S125, the eighth liter naked

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The Suzuki GSX-S125 is part of the renewed range and is ready to claim its role in the eighth liter naked segment. The new edition is powered by the popular liquid-cooled twin-shaft single-cylinder engine that has been updated to meet the stringent limits of the Euro 5 standard. This unit combines greater efficiency and great attention to the environment with a fluid and lively delivery. 

Its temperament goes perfectly with the characteristics of the chassis, which proves to be agile, compact and balanced at the same time, to the delight of young people who want to hone their driving skills and in general of all those who want a light vehicle. engaging and accessible.

The GSX-S125 is offered in three new colors, enlivened by striking and original graphics. Baltimore Blue pays homage to the tradition of Suzuki road sports cars, while Detroit Black, paired with blue wheels, instead evokes sophisticated urban atmospheres.

Seattle White, with red rims, on the other hand, represents the most unconventional and light-hearted choice.

The Suzuki GSX-S125 boasts some firsts, one being the bike with the best weight / power ratio in its class. The designers worked meticulously to reduce the mass of each component. Just think, for example, that the frame is 3 kg lighter than that of its reference rivals. This allows excellent performance, both in acceleration and at top speed, always achieving low fuel consumption. Taking advantage of the experience gained with the multiple victorious GSX-Rs, the Hamamatsu engineers have carefully defined bore, stroke and compression ratio, as well as the angle included between the valves and their diameter. To get the best in terms of brilliance, they then chose four-hole injectors, which work together with a 32 mm throttle body and a 4.3-liter airbox.

The exhaust system adopts a dual outlet silencer and a catalyst that brings emissions below the Euro 5 homologation limits. An important contribution to overall efficiency also comes from the reduction of internal friction, obtained thanks and above all to the SCEM treatment for cylinder liner and single piston with very thin piston rings. 

The Suzuki GSX-S125 is also the model with the lowest seat and the shortest wheelbase among the 125 street sports cars. This allows any rider to place their feet firmly on the ground and gives the bike unparalleled agility in traffic, thanks to a steering angle of 40 degrees. To make the most of this maneuverability, the designers have studied an upright driving position,

The slender and streamlined superstructures make the GSX-S125 line snappy also thanks to the gritty windshield with superimposed LED lights that seem to lean forward. Inside the fairing there is a rich LCD digital instrumentation, which includes a useful on-board computer and is flanked by a large series of warning lights that allow the driver to always drive in conditions of maximum safety and control.

Among the valuable components of the chassis stand out the daisy brake discs, whose interventions are monitored by a latest generation Bosch ABS system weighing just 590 grams. Both wheels are 17-inch and feature tires developed in collaboration with Dunlop to ensure maximum straight-line stability and exemplary cornering behavior.

The Suzuki GSX-S125 can already be ordered both on Suzuki’s e-commerce platform through the Suzuki Smart Buy platform and at the Suzuki dealer network at a price of 4,290 Euros (VAT included, ex-dealer) and the first deliveries are scheduled for the month of June.


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