Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Suzuki Jimny Sierra 4Sport: The small 4×4, now more off-road

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The Suzuki Jimny is one of the most desired 4x4s of the moment , although its availability means that it has not always reached its potential customers. After some problems and temporary withdrawal from the market -here we leave you some real alternatives to the Jimny- a four-door version of the model is even expected, but while the Japanese company arrives it has presented a very limited edition called Sierra 4Sport which is most interesting for lovers of the small Japanese SUV, precisely because it reinforces all that off-road DNA . The bad new? That is only launched, at least for now, in the Brazilian market.

Suzuki Jimny Sierra 4Sport

Only 100 units

And it’s a shame, because this Suzuki Jimny 4Sport arrives very well armed to be an even better off-road vehicle than the original model. For this, it includes as standard, for example, a snorkel, a luggage rack on the roof to transport additional cargo, extended fenders, accompanying a body painted in gray with special 4Sport and 4×4 vinyls to reinforce that off-road image. The anchor points are painted blue and it has 15-inch black alloy wheels fitted with Pirelli M/T tires to improve its behavior on land.

The blue details continue inside in areas with the embroidery of the leather seats, with the same special logo on the outside, the ventilation grilles or the gear lever.

Suzuki Jimny Sierra 4Sport

At the driving level, this 4Sport does not receive chassis improvements, but the improvements in its tires or with the snorkel allow you to take it much further regardless of steep terrain (in the first case) or rivers (in the second) thanks to the fact that now offer a wading depth of 600mm .

What does not change is its engine. An atmospheric 1.5-liter petrol engine with 108 hp and 138 Nm of maximum torque , figures slightly higher than those offered by the Jimny in other markets. In any case, how do they not reach all four wheels through Suzuki’s famous AllGrip Pro all-wheel drive system and a 4-speed automatic gearbox.

This Suzuki Jimny Sierra 4Sport will be available in Brazil for a price equivalent to about 34,144 euros , about 4,000 euros extra compared to the standard model. Unfortunately, it does not seem that Suzuki plans to offer it in other markets, although with the return of the normal model, many would already be satisfied.


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