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Sugar Alternative: Is Monk Fruit Really That Good?

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The selection of artificial and natural sweeteners with little to no calories is now very large. The new trend remedy: the monk fruit. But is she really better?

Curious? We answer the following questions for you:

  • What is monk fruit?
  • How good is monk fruit sweetening?
  • Is Monk Fruit Healthy?

What is monk fruit?

The gourd has been known in China under the name Luo Han Guo since the 13th century and is traditionally used to sweeten teas and desserts. The name derives from the monks who first used the plant. After harvesting, the monk fruit is dried and processed into powder.

How good is monk fruit sweetening?

A major benefit of monk fruit is that it has a relatively neutral-sweet flavor with a slightly fruity aroma. This should be especially pleasing to people who, for example, do not like the idiosyncratic taste of the natural sweetener stevia. It also doesn’t make your tongue feel weird like erythritol. In contrast to xylitol, for example, the monk fruit actually has a calorie balance of 0 – and that with 250 times the sweetening power of sugar.

Is Monk Fruit Healthy?

In traditional Chinese medicine, monk fruit is used as a remedy, for example against stomach problems and coughs.

What is positive: First of all, in contrast to some artificial sweeteners, no correlations with serious diseases are known (yet). In the case of sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose, however, a connection with dementia or strokes was found in a US study and an increased risk of cancer in French research.

However, animal studies by Biomed Life Science in 2018 found that the mongrosoids in monk fruit lower blood sugar levels. In 2019, however, Chinese scientists demonstrated in human experiments that the fruit can increase blood sugar levels to the same extent as sugar. As with other sweeteners, the use for diabetics is therefore not unreservedly recommended.

The often touted miracle cure is certainly not the monk fruit and some messages of salvation should be treated with caution until clear studies are available. But if you want to do without artificial sugar substitutes and are still looking for the drug of choice, you could find what you are looking for in monk fruit.


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