Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Spotify: How to see the pie chart with your most listened to artists

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Although we are clear about which music we like the most, which the least, or which is our favorite artist, we will be surprised to know how our listeners are grouped on the most famous platform of all: Spotify . In fact, there is an external tool, called Spotify Pie Chart , which presents our listeners in an attractive graph and contains genres from Oxford indie to Disney , hip-hop , k-pop or rock.

In addition, in a time where we share absolutely everything on social networks, this type of data has become another incentive for everyone to see what kind of music or what artist we listen to. There is no longer only the ‘rewind’ that Spotify does at the end of the year, but there is also a platform that, in less than a minute, gives us all the possible results.

This pie chart function was developed by Darren Huang at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) , and the operation couldn’t be simpler. We just have to log in to the page and our music preferences are automatically generated. It can be consulted through

Thus, all users who go through Darren Huang ‘s page are sharing the results, mostly on Twitter. A netizen named @thepickles_23 says: “I wish my life was as balanced as my tastes on Spotify” and attaches the result, where it is perfectly distributed.

On the other hand, Ben Jammin, also on Twitter, surprised everyone when the Spotify Pie Chart returned the result of ‘Disney’. “My Spotify chart. This really shows the layers and diversity in my music choices.”


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