Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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The Red Sox “Auctioneer” is injured again! Riding a bicycle and causing fractures, I will not fight this year… 3 years, 4 injuries and 5 failures

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Boston Red Sox ace left-hander “Auctioneer” Chris Sale has been on and off due to injuries in recent years. He finally recovered from injury a few days ago, but was hit by a strong ball on his left finger. Unexpectedly, he was recovering from the injury. , The Red Sox announced today that he will undergo surgery, and this surgery also announced that he will be reimbursed for the season. As for the cause of the injury? The club revealed that he broke his right wrist when he fell while riding a bicycle.

Searle signed a five-year, $145 million (about NT$4.3 billion) extension contract with the Red Sox in 2019. The contract will start in 2020. Unexpectedly, he was reimbursed for the entire season because of a ligament transplant in March 2020. , he will not return to the team until 2021. Until the end of the season, he has played a total of 9 games, all of which are starters, with a 5-1 record and a defense rate of 3.16. At this time, he has obviously recovered from an elbow injury. He came out of the middle, but unfortunately, he missed the opening game of this year again because of a rib stress fracture in spring training this year.

Searle finally returned to the team in July this year after a long period of recuperation. Unexpectedly, when he started in the second game, he was hit by the New York Yankees batter Aaron Hicks. Back to the wounded list.

But Searle’s dream is not over. Red Sox manager Chaim Bloom announced today that Searle will not play again this season because he rode his bicycle to eat after pitching practice at Boston University. During lunch, he accidentally fell and fractured his right wrist. He has now entered the operating room and completed the operation. He will not play again this season and concentrate on recuperating for the 2023 spring training.

It is worth mentioning that Searle’s five-year, $145 million contract will be implemented from 2020. Unfortunately, he has only pitched 11 games and 48.1 innings in the past three years, and he had the right to jump out of the contract after the end of this year’s season. Become a free agent and then fight for a long-term contract all the way to retirement, but now it seems that there should be no chance.


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