Friday, September 30, 2022
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The NBA renews its trophies and creates new ones for the Conference Finals

Now the champions and MVPs of the Conference Finals will also receive their award The league has named these awards after some of its greatest legends.

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How does it sound to be the Magic Johnson Trophy winner? Or being told you can lift the Oscar Robertson ? Until now we all knew how the NBA champion is awarded the Larry O’Brien trophy , but the NBA has gone further.

The league has completely revamped the design of its existing trophies, including the ” Bill Russell Finals MVP trophy” which is given to the best player in the NBA Finals. Now, the Conference Finals will also have their prize.

After announcing the redesign of the existing ones , the NBA showed what would be the new trophies that it will deliver from this year. There are four of them and they take the names of many other legends in the history of the league: Oscar Robertson, Bob Cousy, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson .

The first will be received by the champions of the West , those who prevail in their Conference Finals. The second, Cousy’s, will do the same on the other side of the country, for the Eastern champions .

And what about Bird and Magic? The two stars who revived the league will name the individual trophies given to the MVPs of each of the Conference Finals, Bird in the East and Magic in the West.

The NBA wanted to add one more detail to ensure that these trophies are truly unique: ” The top disc includes the 75 champions in league history. Starting this year, the name of each champion will be added to the bottom disc, as well no two will ever be the same.”



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