Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Team Zoff at Miami Heat

During the game against the Golden State Warriors, two Heat players get into an argument. Teammates must separate the brawlers. Coach Spoelstra then puts it into perspective.

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On the verge of the 104:118 defeat against the Golden State Warriors, team members Jimmy Butler and Udonis Haslem and coach Erik Spoelstra got into an argument in which the two quarrelers had to be separated from each other.

At the beginning of the third quarter, the Warriors, who still have to do without superstar Steph Curry, started a 19-0 run.

During a break by Heat coach Spoelstra, there was an uproar: Butler, Haslem and Spoelstra fought a loud battle of words on the sidelines, teammates had to rush over to prevent something worse. Spoelstra even slammed a clipboard on the floor in frustration.

Apparently there was a lot to work up after this defeat. After the game, it took Miami about 35 minutes to get out of the dressing room and give interviews, about three times the usual time.

The fire can be helpful in the end of the season

Heat guard Kyle Lowry then put things into perspective, attributing the argument to passionate players frustrated by the prospect of defeat.

“Our guys just want to win basketball games and we have guys that work extremely hard,” Lowry said. “The passion comes out. Sometimes the fire and the emotions come out. But like I said, it doesn’t mean anything to us. We talked and had a conversation that we can build on.”

Coach Spoelstra also does not believe that the confrontation will negatively affect the team in the future. “We have bigger things to achieve,” Spoelstra brushed aside the events. “But we want to play better. And in all areas. It starts with our leadership, our experienced players have to lead and then we just have to play better. We need to be more consistent and that’s really all we talked about. I know what it might look like on the outside, but like I said, that’s more our language than a game without passion or without toughness.”

The air at the top is getting thin

In addition, you can use such moments of the season to catapult yourself to a higher level as a team. “You can pull yourself together over frustration and disappointment. However, teams can also go the opposite way. I don’t see that in our group. I don’t see that in our dressing room either. But we needed a kick in the butt,” added the 51-year-old.

Golden State, on the other hand, was able to win after losing three games and thus consolidated third place in the Western Conference.

The Heat, meanwhile, are still greeting from the top of the Eastern Conference despite the loss. The air is getting thinner, however, with the Bucks and Celtics lurking behind them, just a win and a half away.

Tempers can now settle for a day before Miami returns to action against the New York Knicks on Friday.


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