Monday, October 3, 2022
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He bet his hair that America will be champion: José Ramón Fernández surprised with his forecast

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America’s number 1 detractor is sure that the azulcrema club will be crowned in the 2022 Opening Tournament, so much so that his collaborators will be able to cut his hair if that doesn’t happen

José Ramón Fernández, who in Mexico has been characterized as the number 1 detractor of America, was surprised to say on ESPN that this year the Liga MX champion will be the azulcrema club and he is so sure of it that he bet his hair, since He told his collaborators that if that does not happen they will be able to cut his hair.

However, he made it clear that it is not that he supports them, much less, but, true to his style, he said that the title will come to those from Coapa because everything is already arranged for them to be champions.

“It’s a feeling that America will be champion… (If America is not champion) cut my hair,” Fernández told David Faitelson on Fútbol Picante during his broadcast this Tuesday.

Immediately afterwards, he delved into his surprising statement: “For those surprised by my forecast on America, I remind you that in this plastic league everything is fixed. If Atlas was a two-time champion after so many years, if Cruz Azul also did it after decades… on its anniversary it’s America’s turn, period ”, he concluded.

It is worth remembering that beyond the sayings of José Ramón, of which he has no proof, América is the team that is sweeping the regular phase of the Mexican tournament, since it has 8 wins in a row, in addition to being the leader of the general table and the highest scoring team in the competition, making it a firm candidate for the title.


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