Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Djokovic’s wife is fighting again on Twitter

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It’s the excitement topic of the year in the tennis world!

Novak Djokovic refuses to be vaccinated against the corona virus and now threatens to miss the US Open after the Australian Open. He has already had to cancel the preparatory tournaments in the USA and Canada.

This refusal caused massive criticism, which his wife Jelena repeatedly rejected on Twitter. After already fighting with a journalist from the USA, she has now bickered with the tennis magazine Racquet.

When asked by the US magazine why the 35-year-old would register for tournaments if he had to cancel them again and again due to entry regulations, she countered with the words: “Is this a real, international tennis magazine?”

Racquet’s response, which criticizes the fact that the Serb is again asking for a special permit, as in Australia, followed promptly. “Hi Elena! We would be very happy to see your husband play in New York like all tennis fans worldwide. Hopefully he can choose to follow the rules,” they politely wrote.

Jelena Djokovic didn’t seem to like that. Accordingly, she replied: “Hello! Based on tennis rules and ranking – Novak’s enrollment into the tournament was automatic. So what is the logic behind your tweet?”

In response, the magazine wanted to know if the 21-time Grand Slam winner would cancel his starts in Cincinnati and the US Open earlier this time. It also asked him to “take a stand by canceling the tournaments immediately so the entire tennis world doesn’t talk about whether he’ll get a chance in the next few weeks.”

These words caused even more resentment for the 36-year-old. “His important mark is to be a tennis champion. And he does. I mean a sign is a sign. Assuming you’re a tennis magazine – maybe you’re focusing on what’s going to happen in the next few weeks? Make a mark. Be what you should be. A tennis magazine that reports on tennis,” was her final reply.

It should not have been her last battle of words, because after all there is still enough time before the US Open at the end of August to talk about her husband’s missing corona vaccination.


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