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Spanish-Speaking Streamer Morbex Recklessly Leaks Genshin Impact 3.0 on Twitch

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As we have told you, Genshin Impact will receive the new version 3.0 in the coming weeks, which will include a lot of new features, among which is a huge new region. Although this new update is not publicly available, it is already in testing and there was a Spanish-speaking streamer who had access to a private server and shared it with everyone through Twitch.

Secret content from a later version of Genshin Impact has been leaked on several occasions and HoYoverse had made it clear that it does not like this to such an extent that it has taken legal action to punish the leakers. So, it is very clear in the community that you should not do this or at least not if you do not want to have problems with HoYoverse.

The leaks, however, have not disappeared, but no one has done it in such an open, reckless and reckless way as Mordex, a streamer and content creator on Twitch and YouTube with more than 65,000 followers, who carried out a broadcast on Live this past weekend to show himself playing Genshin Impact version 3.0 on a private server, revealing secret content that the public shouldn’t know about yet, such as characters, weapons, artifacts, stages, and more.

Mordex streamed banned Genshin Impact content and broke HoYoverse rules
Naturally, the gameplay stream and the clips that stemmed from it are no longer publicly available. However, the damage has already been done, because the transmission had great exposure and was seen by more than 3,000 users, according to some witnesses, and it quickly became a trend in networks after what it did to such an extent that it gave something to talk about. in various parts of the world.

Mordex spent a long time without talking about what he had done and just a few hours ago he shared a video in which he apologized for what happened, for which “he did not expect much repercussion” and said he was surprised that the situation got out of the Spanish-speaking community, since it was not what they wanted.

“I would like to apologize. I am sorry for what I have done, I am sorry for having streamed [version] 3.0, for having leaked practically everything, even the zones,” said Mordex, who confessed to having gained access to the private server through a program that the community created and that was leaked to the public.

The content creator accepted the blame and confessed that he feels more sorry because the consequences not only reached him, but also the entire community of Spanish-speaking Genshin Impact content creators, since both parties were improving the relationship in back to the game.

Why did Mordex leak Genshin Impact 3.0?

In the apology video, Morbex mentions that he got access only because he had been interested in the content on private servers and that one of the 3 reasons why he carried out the stream was because he thought about the possibility of making content on servers servers, but outside of Sumeru by installing mods and thus creating “really cool, really cool” content for their viewers that was only possible via a private server version and mods. In fact, the streamer hopes that one day miHoYo will allow private Genshin Impact servers for the community to experiment with mods and have more freedom.

This leads to the second reason: to seek visits for part of the material that it would generate and make its content “go viral” with this. Mordex confessed that he knew it was illegal, although he had not considered the impact that this would have not only on him, but on more people. That said, he “decided to take a chance.”

The third reason is because he wanted this to be a means of complaining to HoYoverse as he believed the company was ignoring this community. Morbex, therefore, did not care about sanctions or a possible suspension, since he was convinced that the relationship between HoYoverse and the Spanish-speaking community “was up in the air”, although he later discovered that it was not.

“I think HoYoverse can see the power that content creators can have if we do things right. I think they have to realize once and for all the power that we can have and that they have to take us seriously. once and for all,” Mordex said.

The Spanish-speaking community strongly attacked Mordex

On the other hand, Mordex said he was offended by how other content creators in the community reacted, lashing out at him for making the leak, as they believe that this will somehow affect the entire content creator community. According to Mordex, the insults, hatred and harassment have been profuse and he considers that it has not been the way in which they have been brought to his attention, so he even asked these people to apologize to him.

In fact, Mordex mentions that part of the immediate reaction in a post-stream interview, in which he seems to blatantly celebrate what he did and show indifference, was precisely because of the “bad reaction” of other content creators towards him. However, he sized up the problem when he realized a big mess was being made after the Spanish-speaking community reported what happened to HoYoverse.

Will HoYoverse punish Morbex for leaking Genshin Impact ?

As we told you, the community already knows how HoYoverse behaves with leaks, which makes it wonder if the Chinese company will take action on the matter.

So far, HoYoverse has not commented on the matter, but Mordex hopes that there will be no strong repercussions, since he recalled that he is not a Beta tester, but that what he played was on a private server, and that he has not signed any agreement or However: “Even so, if you want to know my opinion, I don’t think that a complaint of $40,000 USD will reach my house from HoYoverse, let’s hope not, but I think it won’t happen and let’s hope it doesn’t.”

However, the content creator does not rule out that his actions have consequences directly from HoYoverse and mentioned that, if any, “he will manage them behind the scenes.”

“I don’t know what repercussion there will be from HoYoverse in a few days, 1 week, 6 months I pray that there is nothing,” Mordex said and asked an acquaintance who has contact with HoYoverse to let him know the company that the blame should only fall on him and not stigmatize the entire Spanish-speaking community,” Mordex said.

What do you think of this Genshin Impact leak ? Tell us in the comments.


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