Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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SpaceX, $ 250,000 to silence sexual harassment allegations against Musk

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SpaceX Paid Flight Attendant $ 250,000 to Hush Elon Musk’s Sexual Harassment Incident CEO and founder of the company: he reports it Business Insider, who says he spoke to a number of people and saw several documents on the affair. Everything starts, says the source, from the tip of a friend of the victim. The incident allegedly took place at the end of 2016 on Musk’s private jet, a Gulfstream G650ER, which is part of the SpaceX corporate fleet, on which the assistant worked on a call-to-call contract.

According to the reconstructions, after obtaining the job the assistant was encouraged to obtain (with her own money and in her spare time) a license to professional masseuse, since this type of service is an executive benefit that SpaceX apparently places a lot of emphasis on. On the flight (to London) in question, the assistant was called to Musk’s private cabin for a full body massage. When he arrived in the cabin Musk was already completely undressed, with only a sheet covering his lower body. During the massage, Musk exposed his private parts, stroked the assistant’s thigh and proposed to her buy her a horse (the assistant would have the hobby of horse riding) if she had “done something else”, clearly alluding to sexual acts.

The assistant declined the offer and continued with his work. She a few days she confided in her friend, declaring herself shocked and saying she did not know how to handle the accident. She decided to try to ignore it, but in the meantime calls to work began to decline. In 2018, he decided to contact a lawyer and filed a complaint with SpaceX’s human resources. The matter was resolved in a single meeting between the parties, with Musk present, in which compensation was established for the assistant in exchange for the commitment, as usual, not to file further complaints and to keep the matter secret.

The assistant’s friend says she talked to Business Insider without consulting with the victim because, as a victim of sexual violence himself, he believes he has a moral obligation to expose what has happened. Contacted for a comment, Musk said there is so much more behind this story and that if he were really inclined to this type of business this wouldn’t be the first time it has come up in a 30-year career, and that it is a political move. He also said he needed more time to provide an adequate response to the matter; the newspaper has postponed the publication of the article (we do not know by how much), but Musk has not been heard anymore.


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