Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Sony Is Giving Away Three Months of Apple TV + to Playstation 4 Users

Here's how to redeem this reward and try Apple's service

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Apple and Sony have entered into an agreement to grant PlayStation 4 users a free extended trial of the new Apple TV + streaming service , which in a similar way to the many similar services already available (Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + etc …) will give you access to a selection of television series, films and other exclusive content, including original and non-original productions.

Three months of Apple TV + on PlayStation 4 for free? Let’s see together how to take advantage of the offer.

First, please be advised that this gift will only be available for a limited time. Fortunately, the end of this period is not yet very close, in fact we are talking about the future 22 July 2022. To get the three months it is essential to have two things: a PlayStation Network account and an Apple ID.

With these two things, all you have to do is find the Apple TV App through the TV and video screen of your PlayStation 4 and then download it and then open it. Then follow the onscreen instructions, which will log you in with your Apple ID (or create a new one, ed), then your three-month free period will automatically be active. If you do not proceed with the cancellation later, the service will automatically renew at the price of € 4.99 per month. The service includes original series such as Ted Lasso, See and  Foundation , but also films of the caliber of Finch.

What do you think of this new streaming service? Do you have space in your spare time, but more importantly do you have space on your credit card, to make room for yet another service in this stack? The market in this sense is undoubtedly starting to saturate, and other similar services are on the way, such as Paramount + , a service on which the awaited Halo series will be published . If the services you use are too many, my advice is the following: give up what you have “stripped” the most and change, to get new content. I will do so and, if it goes wrong, I always have time to retrace my steps.


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