Sunday, June 26, 2022
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The scam with the 8M that will come to you by WhatsApp

The main goal of these digital scammers is not for you to win a Nespresso coffee machine.

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The Internet user security office (OSI) is warning about the scam with the 8M that will reach you by WhatsApp .

The celebration of International Women’s Day or 8M has caused criminals to try to deceive users through the WhatsApp application. The whole ruse starts with offering the chance to win a Nespresso coffee machine.

What are they looking for with the 8M scam?

This new hoax circulating on WhatsApp is based, as we already mentioned, on International Women’s Day.

The main goal of these digital scammers is not for you to win a Nespresso coffee machine, but to be able to collect people’s personal data.

To do so, they send you a survey, which is what they use as a strategy to obtain all the data they can about you.

But not everything is there , but they also encourage you to send the message to your contacts and groups, in this way they manage to obtain data from many more people.

The fake 8M survey

This fake 8M survey invites you to enter a fraudulent website, but it is very well designed, since in it you can even see the Nespresso brand logo and the image of the prize coffee machine.

On this website they ask you to answer a series of questions that are quite simple, but that definitely seek to obtain your data.

Once the survey is filled out, a message appears that the information has been saved and that you have three attempts to win the coffee pot.

At that moment some boxes appear in which you are asked for some selections, in the first choice they indicate that you have failed .

But that you have another opportunity, when you select another one, you are announced that you have been the winner of the coffee pot. But that you should share this promotion among WhatsApp groups and contacts.

On the other hand, not everything is there, they keep inviting you to other promotions, in which they end up asking you for your bank details.

The call of the authorities is for you not to fall for these tricks, but if you have already done so and have given your bank details, contact the entity so that you can change your access data to your money.


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