Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Rossgram is Russia’s new Instagram

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What do you do when one of the most used and loved social networks in the world becomes unusable in your country?
Simple: you create one that is the same. As much in the name as in the functionality.
Thus was born Rossgram, the new Instagram of Russia.

No, it’s not a joke. In reality this is what is happening in these hours, with the website of this new social network which is already accessible.

Rossgram vs Instagram

Let me be clear: reachable does not mean usable. A countdown indicates that there are about 12 days to go until the official debut, therefore scheduled for March 28, 2022. Less than two weeks for Rossgram , a platform that seems to remember Instagram in all respects. Even the colors chosen for the logo are the same.

To have created the service is Alexander Zobov, who seems to have been a classmate of Pavel Durov, founder of VK – the Russian Facebook – and current owner of Telegram.

But how did we get to this point?
As you can easily imagine, all this brings us straight back to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, with the big techs – the big tech companies – who have lined up en masse against the Kremlin and the senseless invasion that has been putting in place for 3 weeks now. iron and fire Ukraine.
At the forefront also Meta, the company of Mark Zuckeberg. The Menlo Park company promptly intervened to immediately report all propaganda posts present on Facebook and Instagram, in an attempt to stem the disinformation campaign promoted by Moscow. We remind you that in Russia a very different version of the war is still being told, with the Russians portraying the Zelesky government as a “Nazi” and declaring themselves liberators of the Ukrainian people, starting with the Russian speakers who live in the Donbass.

Things then got out of hand to Meta, who authorized the publication of hateful messages , loosening its guidelines in favor of what, in his opinion, is only freedom of expression. After the unheard requests of the Russian government, which even invoked the intervention of the US administration to stem Meta’s “extremist” activities, Moscow has decided to block Instagram.
The platform is now unusable, which seems to have led to a small revolt by local influencers, worried about possible economic losses.

The answer to these complaints is Rossgram, which should work exactly like Instagram, allowing you to monetize on content.
“Exactly like Instagram”.
These words should sound a little alarm bell.
The current version of Instagram is the result of years of work and evolution, of research, of hours of work by hundreds of people.
How can one man have copied it in a couple of days?
He can not.
Rossgram is probably a project that Alexander Zobov and the Roskomnadzor (Federal Service for the supervision of the sphere of connection and mass communication) have been working on for some time.


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