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How to see what the other person liked on Instagram

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Seeing what the other person liked on Instagram was a very simple task on the platform in the past, as there was a section dedicated to this. However, the system withdrew it, but it is still possible to see this information, with a little more work.

Check out how to manually check what the other person is enjoying on the social network, but it is important to note that some users prefer to be invisible on Instagram, which can prevent you from seeing what they like, comments and other social interactions.

How to see the profiles the other person follows

Finding the users and accounts the person follows is the simplest path in this tutorial. That is, if the person does not leave their profile blocked.

  1. Tap on the magnifying glass icon in the bottom menu of Instagram;
  2. Use the search box to find the user;
  3. Tap “Following” on the profile to see the people and pages the user follows.

How to see what the other person likes

The step above is important as it makes it easier for you to find the profiles that someone else follows and identify the posts they like. Check below how to see Posts and Reels liked by those who are looking, but even if both follow the same account, it is impossible to see the Stories that the person has liked.


The profiles you follow will appear first in the “Liked by…” section, making it easy for you to find posts that someone else likes.

  • Access the profile that the person is following;
  • Browse Feed and tap on any post to open it;
  • Below the image, find “Liked by…” and see if the other person likes it.


Access the profile the person is on;

  • Tap the icon and choose one of the posts;
  • In “Liked by…” you can see what the person liked.

How to see comments the person has liked

In both Reels and Posts it is possible to see if the person has liked comments, however this is a slightly more complicated task. Depending on the popularity of the page, the liked comment may be lost, preventing you from seeing it.

If you still want to search, just follow the steps below.

  • Open a post that the person may have liked;
  • Tap “See all comments”;
  • See the comments and tap “X likes”;
  • See users who liked it.

So far there is no application, at least none that guarantees your safety or that of other users, that allows you to access everything that the person has liked, only native ways, such as those shown above, are possible.


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