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Six free courses to learn about cybersecurity

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Several universities and platforms offer basic knowledge of a fundamental topic for companies

Computer security is a topic of vital importance today in the face of the constant growth of criminals with theft of information and accounts. Therefore, people must have basic knowledge to achieve their projects and avoid cyber attacks.

Several universities and technology platforms offer guides for people to access courses offered in English and Spanish for beginners at no cost.

Cybersecurity Basics

This course is offered by Microsoft through its Learn platform. There they explain the basics of security and how to protect yourself from threats on the Internet.

There are six modules in total and it is ideal for those who know nothing about the subject, because initial concepts such as malware are defined, the types that exist, what cryptography is, types of threats, protections and others.

Introduction to cybersecurity

The Universidad del Rosario in Colombia has this four-week online course that also teaches basic concepts of computer security to learn how to recognize and analyze vulnerabilities, principles of computer forensics, how to identify and correct vulnerabilities in the software source code, among other topics.

The difference with the previous one is that it has an approach for people who already have a foundation on the subject, especially in concepts of programming and linear algebra.

Another point to keep in mind is that it does not deliver a certificate and is free for a limited time.


The Universidad de los Andes in Colombia offers another alternative for those who already have a foundation in cybersecurity. It is a free three-month course that is divided into three modules that can also be taken independently.

Here students will learn the principles and rules of computer security, vulnerabilities, penetration tests and internet security. However, to obtain the certificate you must pay.

Introduction and specialization

This course is available on Coursera and is offered by New York University. Its topics are focused on basic concepts, but since it lasts four months, it has an advance on deeper topics such as protection measures, forms of mitigation, real-time detection and what is the security infrastructure used at the business level.

The certification of the course is paid, but you can access all the material without paying, the only requirement is to know basic technology and computer topics and despite being English, it has subtitles in Spanish to give access to more people.

Cyber ​​security for companies

This course has a focus on organizations to learn how to protect them from different attacks. It is available on the atpLearn platform and is called “Cyber ​​Security Essentials: Your Role in Protecting the Company”.

During the study time, concepts on how to recognize a cyber attack, how to protect corporate accounts and the different types of malware will be learned. The duration of the program is 60 hours and there are no requirements.

Computer security introduction

Finally, the University of Washington has a six-week introductory cybersecurity program for beginners through edX with no prerequisites.

During this type, students will learn topics such as identifying threat actors and their motivations, types of control of different cyber threats, and the role played by international organizations related to cybersecurity.


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