Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Silent Hill: sequel, remake and episodic game, screenshots stolen from a PT style demo

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The plans of Konami for the relaunch of its horror series seem to foresee three new Silent Hill games developed by as many different studios, VGC wanted to clarify by revealing the information in its possession about these three new horror titles.

There are three projects in courses related to Silent Hill: a new “regular” game, a remake and an episodic Until Dawn-style game. The remake of Silent Hill 2 would be in development in the studios of Bloober Team, a Polish company known for games such as Layers of Fear, Blair Witch and The Medium, this re-release will feature a renewed AI, new animations, revisited puzzles and new endings, probably expected to be released. exclusively on PlayStation.

The second Silent Hill game will feature an episodic structure, it is a smaller project but it is not clear who is working on it, VGC mentions Annapurna Interactive as a partner of the project, after the deal with Supermassive Games collapsed. The series The Dark Pictures Anthology, published by Bandai Namco, would be born from the prototype of an episodic Silent Hill, with the British studio reusing many ideas of the pitch presented at Konami.

Finally there is a new regular Silent Hill game developed in Japan and according to many behind this project there would be Hideo Kojima with his Kojima Productions. VGC adds that the Silent Hill leak images released by Dusk Golem they come from a PT-style interactive demo, the famous Playable Teaser of Silent Hills, the demo in question is known entirely as Project Sakura and the idea is to publish it for free as a preview of future projects. VGC has contacted Bloober Team and Konami for further clarification but has not received any answers at the moment.


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