Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Shanghai to re-confine 2.7 million inhabitants for mass COVID-19 testing

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Shanghai will re-confine a district with 2.7 million people on Saturday to carry out a massive test of coronavirusindicated the authorities of this city that has not finished turning the page of the harsh confinement of the last two months.

The most populous city in China It lifted many restrictions last week after keeping most of its 25 million people cooped up at home for two months during the worst Covid-19 outbreak in two years.

But the lockdown has never been fully lifted and hundreds of thousands of people have remained subject to stay-at-home orders.

On Thursday, authorities in the southwestern district of Minghang They announced that their 2.7 million people will have to lock down on Saturday morning to test all residents.

“The closure will be lifted when the samples have been collected,” he said on social networks without giving a specific deadline.

The statement also does not detail what action will be taken if residents test positive.

But in accordance with China’s restrictive “zero covid” approach, all positives and their close contacts are sent to quarantine compounds. Isolation is often decreed for all neighbors in a building.

Shanghai recorded 9 new local infections on Thursday, but none of these were in Minhang.

The announcement caused fear among users of social networks, who fear to see the confinement prolonged if positive cases are detected.

“They have to clarify if it will actually rise when the samples have been collected,” said a Weibo user.

“If there are abnormal results after the tests, what are they going to do? Continue confinement?” asked another.

After the harsh lockdown, the city has slowly come back to life in recent days, with commuters on subways and buses returning to work and residents gathering in parks or on the riverbank.

But others face continuous restrictions that generate some protests, such as residents of a confined building in the Xuhui district.


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