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Shakira kisses her father’s feet and they tell her: “You are a queen and you deserve a king, not a villain”

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After seeing the love with which Shakira cares for her father and kisses his feet, the public also tells her: “The son who honors her father and -his- mother will be blessed.”

Shakira is a daughter who honors her mother and her father, who takes care of him and is aware of her needs, and much more now that he has been in poor health. A few days ago, the Colombian singer gave a sample of the great love she feels for him and let her public witness this through Instagram. The video also made it possible to see how the singer’s father has considerably improved his health.

William Mebarak Chadid was practicing rehabilitation exercises with the singer, who encouraged him and applauded his achievement by showing that he has strength in his legs. Shakira’s happiness came so much for the work done by her father who has kissed her feet. Many had already said in the past that Shakira literally kisses the floor that her father walks, and now with this it is clear that this is indeed the case.

For people who admire Shakira, this act of love did not go unnoticed, quite the opposite. The example that Gerard Piqué’s ex is giving is devastating and the messages of love that have been sent to him are many.

She caught the attention of our eyes, the words that the Peruvian actress Stephanie Cayo left her dropped. Cayo, who goes by the name @unlunar on Instagram, wrote: “You are a queen and you deserve a king, not a villain.” This famous actress is known for the various telenovelas and movies that she has starred in, one of them “Until we meet again”, which is available through Netflix in the service for the United States.

Among the other messages that Shakira has received, after the video of her with her father is this other: “The son who honors her father and his mother will be blessed.” While the singer accompanied the video with these words: “And life is something that happens between hospital visits and Halloween costumes.” And it seems that Shakira takes Halloween very seriously:


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