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SAT password: How to recover it if I forgot it or generate a new one?

The SAT password is essential to perform various procedures on the page. We explain how to generate it, update it or restore it if you forgot it.

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The SAT password is essential to review our tax situation, generate electronic invoices and submit our respective tax returns. All this, from the comfort of our home

It is only enough to access the Tax Administration Service (SAT) portal , enter our data and choose the option that interests us. But what happens if we forget or delete our password? Here we tell you, how to recover it and how to generate a new one.

There is a possibility that you have not forgotten your password or that you have written it down correctly. But if two years have passed without you using it, you should know that the SAT has already deleted it and it is necessary to generate another one.

It is very important to have this access, so as not to fail to comply with the tax obligations that correspond to you. Remember that the SAT has various faculties that you do not want to suffer .

SAT password recovery

To recover your SAT password, you must have an e.firma or electronic signature, if you have saved the e.firma file, then you must follow these steps:

Enter the SAT portal and click on “Other Procedures and Services” . Display the “Identification and electronic signature” menu and click on the “ Generate and update your Password ” option.

Then, already in that window, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Select yes I have an e.signature.
  3. Enter your e.signature data, private key password, private key (file ending .key) and certificate (file ending .cer).
  4. Write the text of the image of the Captcha code that appears on the screen.
  5. Generate your Password, which must contain 8 characters, (only letters and numbers are accepted, for your security the RFC is not accepted as Password).
  6. Confirm your password.
  7. In your case, establish a personal email.
  8. Oppresses to continue.
  9. Keep your proof of Password generation or update.

This option is only available for individuals, since for legal entities there are other requirements that must be covered in person. It’s easy to reset your password with the electronic signature, but what if I don’t have it handy?

Recover SAT password without electronic signature

In the same option of “Generate and update password” the procedure could be carried out without the need for an electronic signature. However, recently, the authorities determined that the e.signature was necessary. In this way, to recover the password, you have to first recover your electronic signature. You can do it as indicated by the SAT below:

You can generate or recover your SAT password through the SAT ID website , which the Tax Administration Service enabled to provide service during the pandemic. The procedure can be done from the cell phone or from a computer. You just have to access the SAT ID web portal and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the requirements button to validate the required information.
  2. Select the password generation procedure.
  3. Click on the start button.
  4. Review the terms and conditions and click next.
  5. Enter your RFC, email and a phone number.
  6. Write the captcha code.
  7. You will receive a code by email or via SMS.
  8. You must place this code in the SAT ID capture line and click continue.
  9. Attach a photo of your official identification.
  10. Record a video pronouncing the phrase that the application will tell you.
  11. Review the password generation or update request.
  12. Sign in the box that appears in the most similar way to the rubric that appears on your official identification.

Finally, you must keep the code assigned to you by the application and wait for a positive response within the next five days.


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