Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Sasha Sokol Will Take Legal Action Against Luis De Llano

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After almost a month that Sasha Sokol broke the silence about the abuse she suffered at the hands of Luis de Llano, Sasha Sokol stated that the “producer of the stars” lies in his statement and will see her in court.

Through Sasha Sokol’s Twitter account, the former member of Timbiriche revealed that her mother had planned to sue De Llano, however, the lawyers convinced her not to do so.

“But even in Boston, Luis and I continue to speak daily on the phone and he arranged several meetings behind my parents’ backs. How can you call ‘transparent’ a relationship that was almost entirely hidden? I have proof of everything I say. He doesn’t, since they don’t exist,” Sokol said.

Likewise, the artist assured that the situation with De Llano was the reason why she left Timbiriche and was sent to a boarding school abroad.

Finally, Sasha assured that she will sue the producer for everything she had to suffer from his childhood.

“Luis: To think that you did not act immorally is immoral. See you in court,” she concluded.

In his message published on social networks, Sokol recalled that “Luis was admired and applauded by everyone around me.” “Can you imagine what a minor feels receiving the attention of someone like that? Being seen by him made me feel like the most special girl in the world”, Sokol completed, mentioning that this type of practice of older adults and younger women with such a wide age difference is known as grooming .

“By trying to put the blame on my mom — people who can’t see what they can’t see — they just dilute the responsibility of the one guilty. And there is nothing that revictimizes the victim more than maintaining the impunity of the perpetrator,” SASHA explained.

“In forty years of artistic career, I have only spoken publicly about my private life on two occasions and both obey the same intention: to raise awareness about the risks that young people experience,”she said.


On March 9, the singer Sasha Sokol, a former member of the musical group Timbiriche, denounced the producer Luis de Llano for having abused her when she was a minor.

“From the age of 14 I wanted to believe that I was responsible for what happened. Today I understand that my only responsibility was to remain silent,” SASHA wrote.

Despite the fact that Luis de Llano assured that the relationship did not last more than six months, Sasha confessed that, having started when she was 14 years old and he was 39, it lasted four years. ending when the former member of Timbiriche was close to coming of age.

For his part, on March 30, Luis de Llano shared a statement on social networks regarding Sokol’s accusations, stating that his relationship with the singer “was always open” so there was nothing to hide.

“My relationship with Sasha Sokol was always open and transparent on her and her family’s part. At all times and under all circumstances we give each other respect, companionship, empathy, love and understanding,” he said.

He also expressed his concern about what the media express about him and the delicate situation he has been experiencing since Sasha broke the silence.

Within the framework of Women’s Day, the interpreter decided to talk about the situation of abuse she suffered when she was 14 years old and Luis de Llano 39, which caused several of her colleagues in the media to support her and send her messages of affection for means of social networks.


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