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Deadly Fire in Saint-laurent-de-la-salanque: Three People in Police Custody

The fire killed 8 people on the night of February 14.

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Three people were arrested overnight from Wednesday to Thursday and are taken into police custody by the gendarmerie in the investigation into the fire in Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque (Pyrénées-Orientales), learned Thursday 7 April France Bleu Roussillon with the prosecution, confirming information from the Midi Libre newspaper . These three men are respectively 29, 28 and 43 years old.

The fire killed 8 people on the night of February 14. An explosion had damaged several shops and apartments in this town of 10,000 inhabitants, located about twenty kilometers from Perpignan. They had then been won by the flames. The Perpignan prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation for “arson causing death”. The explosion had occurred on the ground floor of a building, at the level of a grocery-sandwich shop. Gas cylinders were found near this building. It is not yet known whether they were full or empty, and whether they caused or aggravated the explosion.

Five members of the same family among the victims

A baby of a few months and a child of 2 years are among the eight dead, surprised in their sleep. A man, who had jumped from the second floor to escape the flames, had been seriously injured. Of the eight people who died, five belonged to the same family, the baby, the two-year-old child, their parents and their grandfather. Among the three other dead, there is a couple. Several buildings on the main artery of the city were affected. At the end of February, a white march gathered 1,200 people in the streets of the city.


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