Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Russia says it will hand over 152 military bodies found in Azovstal to Kiev

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Russia will soon deliver to Ukraine the bodies of 152 Ukrainian combatants found in “an isothermal van” in the territory of the Azovstal steel mill, in Mariupol, in southeastern Ukraine, the Ministry Russian Defense.

“In the van, with a refrigeration system that did not work, 152 bodies were stored,” Defense spokesman Igor Konashénkov said, offering the morning war report.

According to Konashénkov, the Russian sappers found mines placed under the corpses of Ukrainian soldiers, with “explosives capable of destroying all the bodies in the van”.

According to Russia, it has been established that kyiv thus sought to blame Moscow for the “deliberate” removal of the bodies of the Azovstal fighters in order not to allow their transfer and delivery to relatives.

At the same time, he assured that “soon” the Russian side will hand over the bodies found to representatives of Ukraine.

Russia announced on May 20 the complete surrender of the defenders of Azovstal after another 531 fighters entrenched in the plant for almost two months left their facilities and surrendered to Russian troops.

In total, according to Moscow, between May 15 and 20, 2,439 Ukrainian fighters surrendered, mostly members of the nationalist Azov battalion.

This Tuesday, the leader of the self-proclaimed people’s republic of Donetsk, Denis Pushilin, stated that the tribunal on the fighters who surrendered will begin “in the near future” with the participation of “international organizations and representatives of other countries, including Western without specifying which ones.

Some of the fighters, he added, could be sentenced to the “maximum penalty” for “rape, torture and murder of civilians” in Donbas.

This Monday, a spokesman for the pro-Russian militias in Donetsk indicated that some of the crimes charged to the Azov battalion are punishable in the self-proclaimed republic with the “death penalty.”


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