Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Russia, Rosneft: former German Chancellor Schroeder resigns as chairman of the supervisory board

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Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeer has resigned from his post as chairman of the supervisory board of the Russian energy group Rosneft. This is what the television broadcaster “Zdf” reports. In particular, Rosneft announced that it was informed by Schroeder of its “inability” to continue to chair the supervisory board of the company. Close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the former German Chancellor chairs the supervisory councils of the international consortia Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2, which built the homonymous gas pipelines between Russia and Germany across the Baltic Sea. In Nord Stream, the exponent of the German Social Democratic Party (SpD) also chairs the shareholders’ committee. Both companies belong to the Russian state energy group Gazprom, for which Schroeder has previously lobbied.

Finally, the former head of the federal government is a candidate for the board of directors of this company. Proximity to Putin and positions in Russian companies have placed Schroeder at the center of controversy following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. From many quarters, Schroeder is being asked to leave his posts in Russian groups and to be expelled from the SPD. The Bundestag deprived Schroeder of his rights as a former chancellor.


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