Friday, December 2, 2022
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Russia launches alternatives to Coca Cola, Fanta and Sprite

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After Uncle Vanya and Idea (alternatives to McDonald’s and Ikea), Russia is ready to launch new brands made in Moscow, replacing foreign ones who fled the country after the invasion of Ukraine began. The variants this time concern the well-known drinks Coca Cola, Fanta and Sprite: instead of these, Russian citizens will be able to drink the self-sufficient versions of the drinks, which have now disappeared from supermarket shelves.

One of the largest beverage producers in all of Russia, Ochakovo, has announced the launch of CoolCola, Fancy and Street. The first, the company assures us, “has the classic taste of cola”, even if the chromatic choice of the packaging is more reminiscent of Pepsi for the use of blue and red. More similar to their American counterparts, Fancy, an orange-flavored drink like Fanta, and Street, a lemon-flavored soft drink with a green bottle.

The Russian company has chosen for these products some new Englishmen who can remember Western drinks, but the new drinks are not sure to win the hearts of Russian consumers: two other companies have already tried in April and May to launch Grink Cola and respectively. Komi Cola, but without much success. Ochakovo has long been producing traditional Russian light drinks such as kvass and medovukha. Coca Cola suspended its operations in Russia in March and the few bottles left in circulation are being sold with a price increase of up to 200%.


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