Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Russia declares war on VPNs: it has already banned 20 of them

Roskomnadzor announced that it has blocked over 20 VPNs. The Russian government continues its policies of censorship and ferocious control against its citizens.

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Russia’s iron fist against VPNs, widely used these days by citizens to circumvent censorship and government controls. Roskomnadzor has already announced that it has blocked 20 of them. “We will continue to block them until they are all offline,” announced Alexander Khinshtein, a Russian parliamentarian.

“It is not a simple task but we are doing it, every day the Roskomnadzor blocks a new VPN,” added the parliamentarian.

In Russia, since the outbreak of the conflict, the 10 most popular VPNs on the App Store and Play Store have recorded over 6 million downloads. To break the news is SensorTower, who adds: “It is an increase of 1,500% compared to the weeks before the conflict.”

On March 4, the government of Russia shut down Facebook, preventing citizens from accessing it. The government also restricted the ability to log in and browse Twitter on the same day.

But the Kremlin’s censorship also adds to the individual sanctions decided by tech companies, which have cut Russia off from their services.

Surfshark, one of the most used VPN services, with an extremely convenient app distributed on the App Store and the Play Store, has announced that it has seen a 3,500% increase in traffic from Russia.

The phenomenon has not gone unnoticed and Russia intends to prevent citizens from continuing to access Western media and websites.


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