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Rosalía shows her panties in Madrid, but Georgina Rodríguez is the one that attracts attention

The Spanish Rosalía came out very sexy showing even her underwear at a concert in Spain, but the one who got all the compliments during the concert was her friend Georgina Rodríguez, girlfriend of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo

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The singer Rosalía continues in Europe with her “Motomami World Tour”. Yesterday she touched the Spanish capital, Madrid. Where Rauw Alejandro ‘s girlfriend gave a concert of a great aesthetic level. In one of those, one of the fans was under the Spanish skirt so the air lifted it up and showed the panties. Even so, the social networks were not disturbed for this reason, but because of the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s partner , Georgina Rodríguez , and her children at the concert. Of course, this was what ended up getting everyone’s attention.

But it turns out that they have been friends for a long time and Georgina Rodríguez is a true fan of Rosalía. In fact, when the singer released her album “Motomami”, she sent Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s girlfriend her helmet. The influencer bragged about it on Instagram at the time. So it was not surprising that she was like another fan in the front row to see her friend.

The singer Rosalía offered last night in Madrid one of the most anticipated concerts of the summer in the capital of Spain. According to the barrage of videos and comments that some attendees of the show have already published on her social networks, the Catalan did not disappoint her unconditional fans and consolidated her superstar status in her native country.

Only a few hours before such a waste of dance, voice and lights, another famous young woman caused a stir in the vicinity of the Wizink Center , the Madrid pavilion where the urban genre diva performed. Georgina Rodríguez , Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s girlfriend and a star in her own right thanks to her successful documentary ‘Soy Georgina’, made an appearance on Netflix in the area with her children, warmly greeting the fans and ready to make the most of the evening.

At a time when Cristiano Ronaldo monopolizes so many headlines on account of his sporting future, after revealing his intention to leave Manchester United , it is at least curious that Mateo, one of the sons of the ball star, would shine in such media event a Real Madrid shirt with his name and the number 7 on the back, the number that his father has made his particular hallmark. It seems that the striker has instilled in his offspring his love for his former club.

Of course, this gesture also seems to indicate that the rumors about Cristiano’s possible signing for Atlético de Madrid, the Whites’ neighbor and eternal rival, do not have much foundation, although it is still early to rule out any hypothesis, however surprising it may be. According to various sports media, at the moment no major club in Europe has submitted any offer for the 37-year-old striker, whose contract with United will be valid until June 2023.


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