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Ricky Martin heals his wounds with a mass bath in Los Angeles

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After one of the most convulsive months in Ricky Martin’s career, due to a domestic violence complaint filed by his nephew, the singer reappeared on stage this Friday at night with a mass bath in the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles (USA) that served to heal wounds.

The Puerto Rican artist starred in a joint performance with the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra, directed by the Venezuelan Gustavo Dudamel, in which he monopolized the attention and affection of the public from the first minute.

“It is an honor to present this icon of Latin culture… What am I saying? This icon of world culture,” Dudamel introduced briefly so that, with a precise play of lights, Martin’s silhouette could be subtly perceived accessing The tables.

About to grab the microphone and start his show, the performer had to stop and take a breath because the attendees were fervently shouting his name and, both due to personal delight and acoustic impossibility, it was unfeasible to start with such a hubbub.

In reality, Martin was testing what the respectable reception would be like after the enormous controversy that has surrounded him. So, after making sure of the good disposition of the public, he celebrated the warmth of the atmosphere like an Olympic athlete aware that his brand had broken a record.

“This is beautiful, really, thanks to Los Angeles and thanks to Gustavo Dudamel,” he said excitedly as he smiled, clenched his fist and flexed his arm in victory before the almost 17,000 attendees who accompanied him.

Martin was aware that his figure had been very compromised by the lawsuit of his nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sánchez (21 years old), for domestic violence. The young man had requested a protection order, and claimed to have received death threats, after the romantic relationship he allegedly had with his uncle for 7 months ended.

Sánchez withdrew the complaint this Thursday, but previously local media in Puerto Rico had pointed out that the singer could face a sentence of 50 years in prison if he was finally found guilty of incest.

During the last weeks, Martin and his legal team denied the facts, and one of his brothers even claimed that the nephew suffered from mental problems.

Thus, this forceful response from the followers of the interpreter of hits such as “La Mordidita” or “La Copa de la Vida” has been one of his greatest triumphs recently.

“We are nobody to judge someone when even the accusation has been withdrawn,” Valeria, a native of Los Angeles, told Efe after the concert while her friend, Anthony, insisted: “Life is crazy,” in a clear allusion to the well-known Puerto Rican song.

“I think he is innocent, but the artist must always be separated from the person,” said Brandon, a vendor at a stand selling t-shirts and other personalized products with Martin’s face.

The singer, who will repeat the show tomorrow, has been one of the stars chosen as headliners for the celebration of this centenary season at the Hollywood Bowl.

Other invited artists who have passed or will pass this summer at the legendary venue located in the Hollywood hills are Billie Eilish, Duran Duran, John Fogerty or Kenny Logins with Jim Messina.

Meanwhile, Martin has taken the first step to heal his wounds after the stir and make the lyrics of his latest song one of his life mottos.

“And that’s how life goes, no matter what they say if in the end it’s you and me playing at being shy; acid taste”.


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