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Quick guide to starting an exercise program

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Starting any new task can be daunting, especially an exercise program. With so many training options to choose from – cardio, weightlifting, yoga, Pilates – it’s hard to know where to start or how to best set yourself up for success. Do you need equipment? How many days should you exercise? What about rest and recovery? Are you performing the exercises with the correct form? These are all great questions. And although it may seem overwhelming (at first), we assure you that starting an exercise program is not as scary as you think. And because we always want you to feel prepared and supported, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide that will calm your nerves and answer all of your burning questions. Learn tips for beginners on how to start your fitness journey.

If you can do one thing in return? Don’t stress about it. After all, exercise is also supposed to relieve stress. So take a deep breath and know we’ve got your back. And try to be kind to yourself. You are doing something very good for your mind, your body and your health. If there are bumps in the road, no problem. It happens to the best of us. Pick up where you left off and try to show yourself a little grace. And hey, we’re proud of you! Now let’s move.

How to start a fitness program

You’ve done the hard work: committing to an exercise routine.

Step 1: Set your fitness goal

Consider why you want to embark on your fitness journey. Do you want to be more active? Maybe you want to reduce stress or gain muscle?

Step 2: Choose your fitness program

Choose some individual programs to support you and your goals. From 2 to 6 weeks with a variable number of workouts per week, you will surely find your perfect option.

Step 3: Assemble your team

You have laid all the foundations: you have set your goals, you have chosen a program and now you are ready to sweat.

But what do you need to get started?

Usually just you, a pair of running shoes. choose some exercising that you don’t need any equipment to get started. With a variety of equipment-free workouts, you can break a sweat anytime, anywhere.

That said, there are some basics you could benefit from! We recommend starting with:

  • yoga mat
  • Dumbbell set (3,5,8 or 10lbs)
  • resistance bands
  • Water bottle

How to support your progress

With so many means of motivation and support. Here are some ways to support your progress:

#1 Schedule your workouts and set workout reminders

Stick to your schedule and commit to your goals.

#2 Join a fitness challenge

If you’ve gotten off track or need a little extra support, sometimes all you need is that extra push. Fitness challenges can help you structure your schedule and give you a goal to work toward. You can even invite your friends to join the challenge with you and have a friendly competition.

#3 Look for advice from trainers

Access any library of fitness, self-care, wellness, and nutrition tips. Get inspired by trendy wellness hacks and valuable fitness tips, and get easy-to-act tips from trainers.

#4 Get training recommendations tailored to you and your goals

Review all your favorite workouts and accomplishments.

How to be consistent: Tips for beginners

Use the buddy system
Invite a friendly competition by exercising with a friend. Having an accountability partner can go a long way in helping you stay consistent, especially when you’re just starting out. While advanced athletes can help you on your journey, it’s best to partner with someone who is at your fitness level. In addition to holding each other accountable, you’ll hit similar milestones at similar times, helping you support each other in your fitness efforts.

Remember why
Like everything in life, starting something new can be difficult and sometimes frustrating. You may even feel discouraged at times. The point is that you are not alone in these emotions. It’s all part of the process. But when these feelings arise, staying motivated can be difficult. Try to get back to your why. Why did it start in the first place? What are your goals? Reaffirming this can help rekindle your motivation and drive.

Record your progress
It’s easy to overlook your progress when you no longer see noticeable changes. Remember: change takes time! And small changes lead to lasting results. Keep a training diary and include everything you do each day. Be sure to note the weights you’ve used or the fitness class you’ve attended. You will soon notice that your weights are getting heavier and your workouts have become more consistent. The same goes for sleep, energy levels, mood, food cravings… track everything! These changes are equally important. And yes, your exercise routine can benefit all of these areas!

Don’t do too much too soon
You are excited to start. Awesome! But don’t jump right into the pool. Dive in first and get used to your new way of life. Trying too hard too fast can lead to overtraining, burnout, and even quitting.

Choose the program that best suits you and your needs. Use these tips to help you be consistent and responsible: ask for outside support (a gym buddy) for tips and advice also.


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